Anny Loo Just one Dream

SK Champion

Date of birth: 27. 7.2013

HD A/A, ED 0/0, cystinuria negativ (DNA test), Heart clear (color echo-doppler)

Brood bitch

Height: 71 cm, Complete set of teeth

Mother: Arleta z Povodí Svratky (A/A, 0/0, cyst. normal)                                  Father: Crash Bandicoot Black Koralle (A/A, 1/1, cyst normal)

Siblings: Al Gobi Just One Dream; Ali Mou Just One Dream; Alien Bow Just One Dream 

Offspring: „A“ – Amazing Ella, Amazing Rollo; „B“ – Big Boss, Bolton, Buzz


Amazing Ella Came from the stars

SK CHampion

Date of birth: 20. 5. 2016

HD A/A, ED 0/0, cyst: negativ (DNA test), Heart clear (color echo-doppler), OCD clear, DNA test – BbDD – black/rec.brown

Brood bitch

Height: 66 cm, Complete set of teeth

Mother: Anny Loo Just One Dream (A/A, 0/0, cyst. normal)                              Father: Aquatoriya Kelvin Kalaschnikoff (A/A, 0/0, cyst normal)

Siblings: Amazing Rollo

Offspring: planned litter „C“


Big boss

Big Boss Came from the stars


Date of birth: 4. 12. 2017

HD B/B, ED: 2/2, cystinuria: normal

Complete set of teeth

Mother: Anny Loo Just one Dream (A/A, 0/0, cyst negativ)                          Father: Goldcoast’s Jeffrey at Mississippi-Missouri (A/B, 0/0, cyst normal)

Siblings: Buzz, Bolton